Hey, I'm Kammie! I'm a ditcher of the nine-to-five and a lover of the outdoors. My passions are wide and varied -- I'm completely addicted to kickboxing and ice cream, spend my free time binging Netflix or reading ethnographies, and a good day in my book could mean spending hours in the woods or hours in the city.

Originally from Arkansas, I've lived in as many homes as the years I've been alive. The majority of my life was spent in the American South, but my most recent years have been lived in New York City. I've worked at the best burger place on earth, taught English in Moscow (for two weeks), archived images for the world's most premier magazines, and am now packing up for my next adventure -- a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail with Bryant, a friend from home.

This is the space I've chosen to document my adventures through writing and photography, though, admittedly, I'm an amateur at both. Feel free to have a look around!

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