Send us postcards and food!

THIS SPREADSHEET lays out our rough calendar including which towns we plan to stop in, where we intend to mail ourselves resupply packages (indicated in green), and in which towns we hope to take a zero day (a day without hiking--indicated in red). The spreadsheet will be updated along the way to give you the most accurate dates as our plans change.

Step 1: Pick a place! Check out the spreadsheet for where we'll be and when. It's best to send things to the places already marked green.

Step 2: Decide what to send! A postcard or letter would be lovely. Snacks would also be fantastic. Check out this article on what to send and what not to send.

Step 3: Send the package! One to two weeks before our scheduled arrival at the place you've chosen, you will address and send the postcard/letter/package. Be sure to let us know you're sending something and if it's a package, do so by decorating the package in a uniquely identifiable way, snapping a picture of it, and sending us the picture so we know what to look for.